The company

Laus 1158 is a young and dynamic company, based on a 20 years experience in the business of special equipment and dedicated solutions for Steel & Aluminium industry, for Shipyards and Refineries.

Laus 1158 plans to become a strong partner for all those companies that are seeking through innovative concepts the solution for their handling and maintenance problems by offering a wide range of special equipment that distinguish Laus 1158 from all the other players in the market. 

The objective of the company is the customer satisfaction through an high quality product offer, that meet requirements as reliability, productivity, safety, and with a complete after sales support of the brands proposed.


In recent years, the continuous growth of cost related to production, to transportation and storage, to maintenance and to safety has forced the companies to optimise all the operations looking for new solutions aimed enhance competitiveness.

For this reason Laus 1158 has selected a range of special products that allow to handle heavy loads (also with big volume) and that allow to provide maintenance to vessels reaching results that “conventional machines and procedures” will never achieve and giving solutions bringing cost saving thanks to:

  • Increased speed and safety of material handling operations in both production and shipping areas
  • Possibility to increase the volume and the weight of loads to move without any change in the warehouse layout.
  • Increased speed and safety maintenance operations in production areas
  • Possibility to work for production and maintenance operations with dedicated equipment in very narrow spaces in which conventional equipment cannot access

Laus 1158 with his team of experts is also focused in the study of every request which requires a customized solution.


Do not hesitate to contact us to request a site survey, we will carry over it with professionalism.

You will receive information on our range as well as advises for the best solution and benefits to your handling and maintenance problems.

We have the solution in order to meet 100% your application requirements!