Carer Big Electric Forklift Trucks & High-Capacity AGV From 4,5 Ton till 25 Ton, with more than one model in every range of capacity.
Customized projects on special request.




C.a.r.e.r. Srl is the Italian manufacturer of Big Electric Forklift Trucks & AGV Forklift Trucks (from 4.5 Ton till 25 Ton with more than one model for every range of capacity) suitable for heavy-duty applications; many of our machines are working successfully in some of the most important European customers, in different sectors, where high-performances are required: Automotive, Beverage, Cables, Cement & Concrete, Nuclear, Paper Industries, Ports & Intermodals, Tyres, Wood and Steel, Aluminum & Metal Industries in general.

In all the world C.a.r.e.r. units are now replacing the big diesel forklift trucks, due to the new rules regarding emissions and the relative impact on the environment and especially thanks to the big saving coming from the use of electricity instead of fuel.

Other important benefits of using CARER forklift trucks are:

  • high residual capacities and high stability at high lifting heights for maximum safety in the handling of loads
  • compact dimensions (possibility to work with front single tires till 8 Ton – width mm. 1 670 – in order to keep small corridors) and short turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight spaces
  • raised driving position for better operator visibility
  • machines till 12 Ton capacity able to go totally inside containers
  • long autonomy of the battery 96 V & 120 V with high performances and no overheating troubles
  • safe and fast replacing of the battery when necessary to work for more than one shift
  • zero fire risk
  • respect for the environment, “the green vision”
  • customized modifications in order to satisfy customer needs

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