KT-Grant Inc. Remote controlled equipment for refractory removal and maintenance in Steel Industry.

We offer a wide range of remote demolition equipment.  Mobile, track or wheel driven, rail mounted, or stationary are all controlled by a remote control pendant. With a wide range of equipment, personnel is kept at safe distance while work is confined and quickly taken care of.



KT-Grant Inc. is a specialty equipment producer located in the United States, specialized in the project and manufacture of remotely controlled equipment for use in steel, aluminum and metals industries in general.

KT-Grant designed and produced the first “Grant-O-Matic” machine in 1952, and since that time has grown its business and reputation as the NAFTA industry leader in refractory demolition with over 450 customers in the world

Its specialty equipment is relied upon to maintain critical process vessels and ensure uninterrupted operations. 

When repair/maintenance outages are scheduled, KT-Grant equipment and operators are critical to achieving project schedule milestones and maximizing process equipment up-time. 

The focus of KT-GRANT’s effort has been to eliminate the need for customer or contractor personnel to perform dangerous work tasks. 

For 65 years and counting, the motto, “Keeping Operators out of Harm’s Way”, has served KT-Grant well in maintaining its loyal customer base. 

Customers choose KT-Grant Inc. due to our ability to provide designs specific to customer process requirements. 

Several primary examples of equipment sales and applications in steel sector follow:

  • Blast Furnaces Trough Maintenance in Integrated Mills & Blast Furnaces
  • Blast Furnaces Stack, through Tear-Out at the Blast Furnaces
  • BOF Taphole Maintenance in Integrated Mills
  • BOF Vessel Gunning and other lining gunning in Integrated Mills
  • Converter Maintenance in Integrated Mills
  • Descaling & Delining Machines for different application in Integrated Mills, Blast Furnaces and Mini-Mills
  • EAF /EBT Tap-Hole Removal and Installation in Mini-Mills
  • EAF Slag Door Maintenance in Mini-Mills
  • EAF Tear-Out and Maintenance in Mini-Mills
  • Electric Furnace Shop / Quench-Combustion Chamber De-Slagging in Mini-Mills
  • Ladles Maintenance: Hot Cleaning and Ladle Tear-Out in Integrated Mills, Blast Furnaces and Mini-Mills
  • Molds Flailer System for Cleaning Ingot Molds
  • Oxygen Lance Cleaning in Integrated Mills and Mini-Mills
  • Porous Plug & Nozzle Puncher in Integrated Mills
  • Rehat Furnace Maintenance and Tear-Out in Integrated Mills and Mini-Mills
  • Runner Drill Maintenance in Integrated Mills & Blast Furnaces
  • Slag Skimmer for Steel, Iron, Torpedo Ladles and Nitrogen Lance Manipulator in Integrated Mills and Mini-Mills
  • Torpedo Ladles Maintenance and Tear-Out  in Integrated Mills and Blast Furnaces
  • Tundish Maintenance in Integrated Mills and Mini-Mills
  • Tuyere Maintenance in Integrated Mills & Blast Furnaces


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